The definition of Japan source interest income

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Where a foreign company earns income with the economic nature of interest (referred to below as ‘Funding Income’) from lending to a business carried out in Japan, investing in a bond with a Japanese issuer or from a similar transaction (referred to below as a ‘Funding Transaction’), Japanese withholding tax (‘WHT’) will apply if the income is treated as falling within defined categories of Japan source income. Read More

Japanese taxes payable by a non-resident individual

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A ceremonial taiko drum from Hiyoshi Taisha shrine in Shiga prefecture.

A ceremonial taiko drum from Hiyoshi Taisha shrine in Shiga prefecture.

This article looks at the scope of Japanese taxation of non-resident individuals.  This topic is also likely to be of interest to individuals who are giving up their Japanese residence status, such as non-Japanese expatriate individuals who have lived and worked in Japan for a few years who are returning to their home country or Japanese expatriates going to work overseas. Read More

Japanese taxes payable by a foreign company

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Under Japanese tax law, Japanese companies are taxed on their worldwide income while foreign companies are taxed only on their Japanese source income.

This article explains when a foreign company will suffer Japanese withholding tax or when it has an obligation to file a Japanese corporate tax return. Read More

Japan source income – Basics – Articles 138 and 161

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The source of income is a critical concept for international tax purposes given it will usually define the extent to which a particular country taxes the income of foreign persons. A foreign company which has Japanese source income as defined under Japan’s domestic law may be subject to Japanese tax Read More