Uni/雲丹 – Sea Urchin

February 3, 2010  |  Trivia  |  No Comments

Fresh uni (sea urchin) - an acquired taste

Uni, Japanese for sea urchin, is for some an expensive gourmet delicacy while for others it is a rather revolting and funny tasting yellow gloop.

Uni is certainly an acquired taste and even for the editor it took a few tries to actually get used to, but the taste is certainly unique. The occasional visitor to Japan is most likely to come across uni on top of a bit of rice surrounded by dried “nori” seaweed at a “kuru kuru” sushi restaurant (the revolving conveyor belt style sushi restaurant which is the fast food of Japanese sushi and often not the gourmet experience eating sushi should be). European visitors to Japan tend to assume that uni is not eaten in Europe, but southern Italians will recognise it from (to my mind) a rather tasty spaghetti sauce. Read More