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Tax Based Retained Profits – Japanese “Earnings and Profit”?

A train departing from a Tokyo Metro platform

As noted in this post on Tax Based Capital, the Japanese tax system includes concepts similar to “outside basis” and “earnings and profits” found in the US tax code.  In the Japanese tax system Tax Based Retained Profits (in Japanese 利益積立金) are conceptually similar to US earnings and profits, although the detailed rules in the Japan tax system are of course very different. Read More

Tax Based Capital – Japanese “Outside Basis”?

Maiko, trainee gaisha, in Kyoto

This post looks at the Japanese tax concept of Tax Based Capital, or in Japanese 資本金等/shihonkintou.   The Japanese tax law seeks to tax shareholders on either income from their shareholdings or on capital gain or loss while simultaneously avoiding or mitigating the double taxation of corporate earnings. The concept of Tax Based Capital Read More