This section will collate resources, articles and news on Japanese economic policy with a focus on fiscal matters. In due course this will include updates on the legislative committees responsible for annual tax reform and news on issues that are relevant to foreign businesses or investors in Japan.

This section of the site has only started recently so will take some time to build content. To begin with below are links to economic and fiscal policy resources available on the web. In many cases these are in Japanese but some of these sites include some English commentary and occasionally policy papers or other materials in English.


Policy research

Legislative and executive branches

  • The Cabinet Office of Japan’s economic policy page includes some English translations of its proposals. See their recent news section for examples.
  • The Tax Commission within the Cabinet Office’s Japanese language pages are here.
  • The Democratic Party of Japan’s website English pages.
  • The Japanese Financial Services agency includes the 金融税制調査会 or ‘Financial Tax System Review Group‘, whose first meeting was in July 2010 where it is reviewing responses to public solicitation of suggestions for 2011 tax reform. The Japan Tax Site will be reporting in due course.
  • The Financial Tax Research Group in the Financial Services agency has a longer history than the Financial tax System Review Group, but only by a few months being founded in may 2010.
  • Searches for 税制改正 (tax system reform) or similar terms in the portal site for the Japanese government is also a useful source of information.

Industry groupings and other stakeholders

Policy News

Please see the Policy Articles page for the latest tax policy news.