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Transfer pricing and Japanese 2011 tax reform

February 28, 2011  |  Transfer Pricing  |  No Comments

An artfully composed photograph of recently planted rice fields in rural Japan.

The outline of 2011 Japanese tax reform proposals (link in Japanese) issued on the 16th of December 2010 include a number of technical changes to the Japanese transfer pricing regulations that have important practical implications for transfer pricing practice in Japan. This article summarizes those proposed changes.

The transfer pricing section of the 2011 tax reform proposals starts by noting that proposed changes to the transfer pricing regulations Read More

Discussing Japanese financial taxation

September 17, 2010  |  Individual, News, Policy  |  No Comments

Government policy

The documents made public by the Finance Tax Research Group (below ‘FTRG’), a tax committee within the Japanese Ministry of Finance, include a listing of topics that the committee considers important Read More

Round up of Ministry Proposals for 2011 tax reform

September 7, 2010  |  News, Policy  |  No Comments

Government policy

Japanese Government Ministries have completed submissions outlining their hoped for changes in 2011 tax legislation. These are collated on the Japanese Cabinet Office website (links in Japanese). Read More